Bloxels Build Your Own Video Games: Official Kit

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The Official Bloxels kit. Includes a Bloxels account. Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient

Bloxels puts the power to build video games in your hands.

Build your own characters, art, and game layouts with the Bloxels Gameboard and Blocks - then capture them with the Bloxels app to bring them to life!

This is the official Bloxels Personal Edition kit, released in 2019. Includes:

• Bloxels Gameboard
• 400 Bloxels blocks
• Bloxels Personal Account

Build, play, and share your own games and interactive stories. When you’re ready, publish your games to the Bloxels Arcade and play games by other Bloxels creators!

A Bloxels account is included with the purchase. A Bloxels account is required to use the Bloxels app. The Bloxels app is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle, and Web browsers.