Bloxels Monster Ideas Bundle

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IN THE BUNDLE: The Monster Box and BOTH Idea Packs

Whether you are new to Bloxels or a pro builder, there's something in the Bloxels Monster box for you. 

What's in the Bloxels Monster Box:
  • Bloxels all-access membership for one year: Build your own games, characters, and art to share with friends, or even the world. Use the included code to create your building account in the Bloxels app and join the community.
  • Getting Started Guide: Learn the 1-2-3 of building characters and games of all types with the Bloxels app.
  • Limited Edition Poster: Get inspired by Featured Games made by other Bloxels creators
  • Collectible Bloxels pin: Get one of five classic Bloxels characters
  • Start a game-building club by giving away the included invites for a free Bloxels account for a month.


Bloxels Characters and Art Deck

Get ready to build more than 60 all-new characters and artwork in Bloxels. Each card features ready-to-use ideas to use in your games.

Use these cards to inspire your own builds... or even capture a card directly with the Bloxels app, no board or blocks required. Once in the app, you can customize your creations and drop them right into your game.

Not sure where to start your game? Choose a card at random, and start your story from there. These cards work for top-down and platformer games- what you create with them is up to you!

Bloxels Game Layout Deck

This is the first card deck of its kind. Creators can now brainstorm, build, and even capture their games with the Bloxels Game Layout Deck.

Clear the table and plan your game out with a partner, or use the more than 60 layouts to see what you can create. Each card features a challenging 13x13 platformer or top-down layout to try on both sides. Lay them out to create a dungeon to delve, or a world to explore, and then capture the individual cards to build and test your game.

You can capture the cards directly with the app, no boards and blocks required. Once captured with the Bloxels app, you can customize everything about the layout and use in your game.