Bloxels Classroom 20-Pack + Brainstorming Kit

20% Educator Discount
$ 800.00 $ 999.00

The Bloxels Classroom 20-Pack – a 20% discount – contains four Team Builder 5-Packs for a total of 20 Bloxels Gameboards and 8,000 total blocks (400 per gameboard) and this package also includes a Video Chat session with our team (see more below).

This brand new packaging conveniently stores 5 Bloxels sets (1 gameboard per set + 400 blocks per gameboard) each in individual trays that make it convenient for use in classrooms, libraries, and makerspaces. 

Each Classroom Pack includes our new 52-page spiral bound Educator HandbookGuidebooks featuring tips for building your first game, and a Brainstorming Kit that helps students visualize and illustrate the story they want to tell.

FREE access to the EDU Hub is included. The Hub connects educators with innovative lesson plans, activities, tutorials, and the ability to manage student accounts.

Bloxels is compatible with the FREE Bloxels Builder app for Apple iOS, Android and Kindle phones & tablets. See our device support list here.


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What is the Video Chat?

Included with this package is a special Skype or Hangout video chat session with a member of our team and your classroom. We'll work with you to schedule a 30-minute video chat with your class to talk about game design and answer any questions they have about the game design industry (can vary based on the age of your students), and we'll work with you to schedule a second 30-minute video chat to review your classrooms games, give them feedback, make suggestions or even pick our favorite (also can vary based on the age of your students). 

You can read about one of our recent video chat sessions here.

When you are ready to schedule your first call please Email Us and if possible please include your order number.