Bloxels Build Your Own Video Games: Official Kit

$ 59.95 $ 59.95


The Official Bloxels kit. Includes a Bloxels account. 

Bloxels puts the power to build video games in your hands.

Build your own characters, art, and game layouts with the Bloxels Gameboard and Blocks - then capture them with the Bloxels app to bring them to life!

This is the official Bloxels Personal Edition kit, released in 2019. Includes:

• Bloxels Gameboard and Block pack
• Bloxels Personal Account 

Build, play, and share your own games and interactive stories. When you’re ready, publish your games to the Bloxels Arcade and play games by other Bloxels creators!

The Official Kit comes with a unique code to redeem for a free year's access to the Bloxels app. The Bloxels app is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle, and Web browsers.

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